Discount codes/Gift Certificates

  1. Has anyone ever purchased a discount code off eBay? Take a look at this and tell me if you think it is legit... we are trying to go on vacation on the cheap, so anything will help.

    What about gift certificates? How do you know if they are legit? Not used up and/or fake?
  2. The code is only a dollar, so you won't lose a lot if it's not helpful, but you can also try a search on google or yahoo for the same code. ( I find a lot of codes this way) The second auction is a big risk because not only they are expensive but the seller have no feedback and also I'm not sure how they work. For my vacation deals I normally go thru a vacation package thru priceline, cheaptickets or You can also give them a try. :tup:
  3. Thanks! Curiousity is getting the best of me, so I might try the $1, but I will feel so foolish if I get scammed, LOL!
  4. I have bought gift cards and sold gift cards a few times Bought one for $750 and one for 400 . I have also bought a delta travel voucher. Worked ok. I was a little scared but I always choose the gift cards from people with 2,000
    Paypal protection. One time I did sell a gift card and this person emails me and says the person just won her auction and a few others and made nonreceipt claims through paypal becuase the listing stated free ship and he knew they would send without delivery confirm. He had private feedback. I shipped it to him with delivery confirmation. Never heard anything felt good knowing he thought he was going to get it for free and I sent with deliv confirm so he could not.