Discoteca 50% off @ Macy's + its preseason discount

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  1. I just came back from 2 Macy's. I scored a Discoteca Amica for $68. It was 50% off + extra $20 off (preseason discount, $10 off every $50 spent) + my $25 gift card. It was the last bag for the Pleasanton store in CA but I also went to the Walnut Creek store and they still have the imagini, creativa, marina, ragazza, serna and the phone pouch (forgot the name).
  2. my fav style is the BV and since the amica is so similar, i am debating should i go back and exchange for a serna...
  3. I just bought a Serna in Geometric Girl at Nordstrom Rack for $98. I really like it. I have a BV and this is totally different. I like that the Serna can be wore cross body. How many BV's and Amica's do you have? If you want to try something different go for the Serna. I'm not much help!
  4. i already have 3 BV... I am still debating... Got to decide tomorrow because they are all gone. Thanks! You are helpful!
  5. my macy's doesn't have any lesportsac or tokidoki. nada. :P
  6. I just back from Macy's and got the Amica. It's so cute, paid for $85 plus tax. Thanks for the OP.