Discontinuing Multicolor Line?

  1. Is it true that LV might be discontinuing their Multicolore line? I heard from two people in the last month that they were told at their local LV boutique that the Multicolore line might be discontinued... Anyone else have heard of this? :shrugs:
  2. I highly doubt it, it is a top seller and the keep adding pieces.
  3. oh, please dont say such things! i loooooove the mc line. so cute!
  4. I think this has been a rumor for quite some time. MC was originally supposd to be a limited run line, but due to the popularity, they kept it around.
    Another rumor was that elux would stop selling MC at some point, but they haven't so I guess that won't be happening either.
    I really don't know why they'd discontinue it so soon, since it seems like they keep coming out with a new piece or two each season.
    I haven't heard anything about it...but maybe someone else has.
  5. Oh no! I love this line! I still need to buy more purses!
  6. I have heard that the Mini HL is being d/c
  7. Maybe just some styles from the MC line....:shrugs:
  8. ^^Like Addy, I was told the Mini HL was being discontinued.
  9. They should discontinue it, it's been around long enough
  10. oh it's *patina*!! you're on my fav sellers list on eBay! hehehe.. and you're in my area too! wow it's like a celeb sighting. haha.

    to answer your question: no mc is not discontinued.. certain models yes, but not the line in itself.
  11. Oh, thanks frozen!! I feel so special that someone knows me on this thing!
    I actually just discovered this site today!!
    Perhaps we should do an OC LV lovers happy hour... :wlae:
  12. good! ^^^
    i still need a theda
  13. I NEED a MC speedy before they discontinue the line.
  14. WHY are they discontinuing the HL?? They are SO CUTE. :crybaby:
  15. i was told that the MC line will be discontinued by some SA...