Disappointed! Should I still keep it? Help!

  1. So I've been wanting the Zac Posen Alexia bag for a while now. I finally found one in the color I wanted, black. I had never seen it IRL but had seen plenty of pictures. It came this morning and while I love, love, love the style, the bag is very heavy (and maybe a tad bit bigger than I expected...not a real big problem though) AND the clasp digs into my back. I'm a tall and small-boned person, but I don't think it has anything to do with size...rather the design isn't a well-thought out one. I don't know, that's seems harsh to say. But I'm so disappointed! I want to keep it but it hurts to even where it around the house. Ugh! And it was $1400!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!#(&$&(*#@&$(#&($*#($&u#@$& :confused1: Does anyone have one of these? Is it just me or my bag? I got the last one on NM's site, so exchaning it for a new one is not even an option. Thanks for the advice!
  2. If you don't love it, at $1400 return it and get something else. You should love the purse you get or you'll find that you just won't carry it. I don't have a Alexia, but have gotten purses for poor reasons and then end up selling them because they just don't get used.

    Get a purse you love!
  3. Thanks queenmab! I have been looking for a black frame bag (like the Alexia) because I love that style. I guess I'll have to keep looking. You are so right, at $1400...ouch!

    If anyone knows of a cute black frame bag out there, LET ME KNOW!!!
  4. can you show a pic?
  5. My daughter returned hers! She didn't like it ILR! There're plenty of beautiful bags out there. You shouldn't get stuck with something you're not 100% sure. Return it!!:yes:
  6. This is the one. Love it so much! It's such a shame. I've tried it on my shoulder about 10 more times since my first post, and...it's REALLY uncomfortable. =(

  7. I would return it if I dislike it so much. I may get even more frustrated if I use it further.
  8. Really, cutest? Did she find it uncomfortable too? It looks adorable in the picture, now doesn't it?! I had high hopes for this one! Keep an eye out for a nice black frame bag for me. :smile:
  9. Good point, fuyumi! I can see me tossing it out the door in a moment of frustration! lol It's definitely going back. I should call NM and tell them they should ship it back for me and credit me the original $22 shipping charges too. I swear that thing is defective! Ugh!
  10. wow.... so sorry :sad:
    i love this bag, but i don't have it yet.

    if u don't like it after a few use, then get rid of it!
  11. omg don't keep a bag that HURTS you! nonono! return it and get a comfy bag!
  12. Nah, that's too much money for an unpractical bag! I'd definitely send it back.
  13. Return it...especially since it's uncomfortable to even wear around the house!
  14. Sounding like an echo here, but if you don't return it you'll probably feel so irritated every time it pokes you in the ribs uncomfortably . . .