Disapointment with sa in NM , SF

  1. I was there today with my daughter, headed straight to B- Dept. and i saw the most beautiful bbag ever, the color is almost seafoam. Anyway i was looking for someone to help me but can't seem to find any sa around. Mind you the store wasn't that busy. here i am standing there looking and waiting so finally one sa came up and told me that she'll right back, and she never came back, time goes by and my daughter was getting hungry and tired and i was feeling anoyed. So i took the bag over to cosmetic counter and told him that if i can just have this bbag on hold. The man was nice enough to put it on hold for me under some sa name since he only work in cosmetic. Came out and feeling tired and hungry we deciced to meet up with hubby and hand out with him so i can get my mind off NM serviced. Got home and i email AR to see if they have this color if they do i'll order from them, otherwise i have to go back to NM tomorrow.:cursing:
    Sorry if this post is long, i just felt really :push:
  2. Hey-

    I had the EXACT same experience ...sucked majorally and the SAs were a bit snobby. However, I have an SA that I love named May (she is normally in Men's shoes but floats around based on need). She is a funny and fantastic, plus just down to earth. If you get the chance, go back and ask specifically for her and tell her that Courtney sent you and she should treat you right!
  3. if AR does not have it, buy from other store.... Dont give the sale to snobby SAs
  4. I was just there on Wed. and I also couldn't find ANYONE to help with B-bags. After waiting about 20 minutes I finally flagged down an SA (who did her best to ignore me). I asked when the marine City bags were coming in and she said they arrived before Christmas and were already sold out. I'm pretty sure these bags aren't out yet, but she insisted they had them and sold them all. Didn't offer to take my name or research anything--just gave me the brush off. I will look elsewhere for my bag and I think this SA should look for a new career!
  5. no worries the SAs at the NM in SF are really bad!!!!! IMO
  6. fo real!
    i was there looking for a rouge vif, and i asked the sa 'do you guys have the rouge vif for the first?' and she looked at me like i'm stupid, scoffed and said 'ill be back'. wat a freaking *bleep*! her attitude made me leave.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that Cutiek1t.
    Fortunately, my BBag SA here in BKK, Thailand, is so nice.
    But I totally understand your feeling just bcos I was so mad with some SA of other brands as well.
  8. Oh I am sorry! Some SA's are bad! lol! Just give your business to some else!
  9. Ugh. I had an experience with this one SA in my NM's purse department who was supposed to call me about 2 Juicy bags. Well she neglected to call me to tell me she went on vacation and none of the other SAs could help me at all. So after all that, she STILL never called me and I ended up seeing the bags I wanted just sitting on the shelf a few weeks later.
    Even the LV SA's in my NM aren't all that great. They don't call you when they say they will and they seem to treat you like you have NO idea what you're talking about.
    Anyway I agree with lmpsola-take your business elsewhere or to another SA!
  10. It not like i was dress in rags, and wasting their time i was there with the intention to buy and for them to just act like that is just too much:cursing:
  11. Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought that the service at NM sucks! Last time I was there, I managed to look in the Dior, Chloe, and Balenciaga sections without once seeing an SA around. Seriously, I thought I had accidentally slipped into the store undetected while it was closed because NOBODY was around. What is going on at NM?
  12. If you decide to go back to NM SFO, look for Christine in the bbag section. She's always been very helpful. Although i've noticed that many stores are now understaffed, not just NM.
  13. You know what the funniest thing is?

    They are technically only working in retail... yet some act like they own the brand.

    Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against retail workers, but for them to try and intimidate or belittle a paying customer in any way is totally wrong...

    I had a simaliar experience is Louis Vuitton in Crown Casino, Melbourne...

    I was later told in by a colleague who once worked in the industry that the pay rate for SA's in designer boutiques is practically the same as retail - but the commission is higher (due to higher cost of stock sold)

    So cutiek1t, I would get the last laugh and take your cash elsewhere ;)
  14. :yes::yes: uh huh, shes our very own pf'er!!! very knowledgable and helpful!!!

  15. They actually did have the marine in the Giant gold hardware. I saw it on Dec 18th in person but now one asked if I needed help.

    I have had terrible experiences at NM SF but there are also some friendly SA's in there.