Dirty Legacy Framed Wallet?


Nov 6, 2006
I finally got my Framed Legacy leather "purse" (wallet) in the mail today and I'm a little bit bummed. The packaging made me think that it just came from another retail store (which may be how they usually handle orders, I don't know), BUT what bothers me is that it seems like it is the floor model. The whisky leather just looks dirty to me on the front of the wallet on the bottom left and bottom right and all over the back of the wallet. What do you guys think? Am I just paranoid? I just think that if I'm spending that much money on a wellet, it should be perfect, and this one just doesn't look perfect to me.

On a side note - for anyone that has this wallet, do you use the little pouch on the back of the wallet? I can barely get my finger in there, so I don't think I could fit anything more than a credit card in it. Is it just for show? Or is it really supposed to be a functional pocket? Thanks!


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I have the larger version of the whiskey wallet and a whiskey bag. The leather is meant to look worn/aged a bit. From what I can tell by your pictures, yours looks very nice. The leather itself doesn't look "even" on any of my whiskey items. And as for the pocket (I have a pink smaller wallet, like yours) and use that pocket for tucking in receipts until I get home and record them.
I wouldn't worry! It may have been a floor model however it looks wayyyy better than my stores floor model. Stores do fulfill orders when stock gets low but they make sure to look it over at least before sending the item out. Remember, it is a vintage leather and it will scratch easily when you use it so if there's one or two already- I wouldn't worry!