1. Anyone watch this show? I am totally hooked and the season finale last night was awesome.
  2. I missed the finale! Was Jennifer Aniston in it?

    I actually only caught 2 or 3 episodes the whole season though. My mom told me that it didn't get picked up for a second season. Did you hear that?
  3. Yes, Jennifer Aniston was in it. I haven't heard if it was picked up or not. I really like the show, I hope it comes back. I like that it isn't the typical drama show. It is raw and edgy and I love it.
  4. Yes, the finale featured much-touted kiss between Jennifer and Courtney. For those who didn't see it, the two exchanged a two or three second peck, so anyone who was hoping for sizzling girl on girl action will be disappointed.

    I really REALLY hope that they manage a second season somehow. If they don't, the finale sort of turns the whole series all Majid Majidi. And as much as I love Majid, I don't agree with him about endings.

    Anyway, I was kind of disappointed in the finale. Not because the girls didn't kiss more :smile: but because it just seemed like any loose ends that were tied up were sort of hastily thrown together, but maybe it is just my anxiety that there might NOT be a second season.

    Ian Hart made me cry.
  5. I will be very dissapointed if there isn't a next season! The final episode was kinda hard to follow at times but there were some things left hanging that I need to know what happens!!
  6. wow...The finale was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL........loved the knife attack......(I know..Im sick..LOL)
  7. Yea theThe finale was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jennifer Aniston kissing Courteney Cox!
  8. i enjoyed the finale...however I knew from a mile away that her brother was her stalker. (figured it was a "payback - how do YOU like it" kind of thing)

    but I have questions.
    1. why won't lucy tell her mom/brother that her father DID leave a suicide note...to her?
    2. did Lucas Haas die?
    3. Did JULIA die last night?
    4. Did Don only get pictures of Lucy...or of Julia too after the attack?
    5. why why why did tina show julia those pictures? what benefit was she getting from it?

    and lastly...

    6. WHAT THE HELL was up with the ending? Willa dressed/looking like Lucy sitting in Lucy's office...Brent labeling a tape "Lucy"...eh? I don't get it...

    (as an aside...I LOVE Don...I love how they portray/film his skizo-i'm-not-even-gonna-try-to-spell-that-word)
  9. The kiss in the finale is on You Tube now for anyone who wants to see it. I wasn't that impressed. I was hoping for something steamier! :graucho:
  10. omg - it was overly hyped and utterly pointless...it was a peck on the lips!
  11. I only caught pieces of the finale. Anyone feel up to sharing a brief recap? I don't know what happened at the end or anything about a knife attack! :confused1:
  12. I was looking for something to see on the tube the other day and came across Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston who were doing a scene together and realized it was Dirt (I think it was a re run). So I started watching it and getting into it and then came that much hyped up kiss everyone was talking about! It wasn't that big a deal it was just a peck on the lips that lasted a little too long. But they both looked gorgeous!
  13. Ohhh i see!It's very hot!!!They arte both georgeous!
  14. I would be sad if there wasn't another season cause I wanna know what happens!!! :smile: I didn't watch it all the time I caught like 4 reruns? Including the finale... I was a little confused cause I haven't watched it the whole time but I enjoyed it, I think don's character is great!!!!

    Its hard for me thought cause friends was my all time favorite show and I keep just thinking on monica haha I mean courtney is realllly good but like in the last episode when she saw her stalker was her bro and was starting 2 cry and they had that little conversation...I just didn't feel it like I think I was supposed to, I kept feeling like she looked like she was faking it I dunno..... But whater I love her haha
  15. Well Ian Hart is just SO good that I think he may sort of skew our view of the rest of the cast's acting skills, he is just in a whole nother league.

    And what I want to know is what did Lucy's dad's suicide note MEAN? And does Peewee Herman know or suspect something about it that he's not saying? Or didn't get a chance to say yet? And just what are Jennifer Anniston's plans re: Lucy and Julia?

    I think Willa sitting in Lucy's chair was supposed to mean that the torch had passed, which we knew had happened ever since we heard her talking tough to that publicist, and then once she slept with Timothy Bottoms and started wearing red lipstick, well...

    And I assumed the Lucy video was Holt and Lucy, so maybe he and Jennifer were planning to use that to get her. Which would mean that Leo was working at least with Jennifer because she had those pics, where else would she have gotten them but from Leo? Unless Timothy Bottoms gave them to her???

    Just too many questions to not have a second season, I hope season 1 will be available on DVD soon, I am so getting it!