Diorissimo Bags

  1. I'm fairly new to Dior, and I was wondering if the Diorissimo bags are still available in stores? Specifically the 'boston bag'? Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks :smile:
  2. I don't think they're at the Boutiques anymore, but a couple of weeks ago they had them at the outlets. You're best bet would be to call the outlets or see if there are any on eBay.
  3. Ah, another Diorissimo fan! They used to have tons at the boutiques, but since it's a style from over a year ago, they're mostly in outlets now. But since the outlets have had tons of sales, it's doubtful they would still be there. But you can still try....
  4. I'm interested in one on e-bay, but as most people I'm always afraid of receiving a fake. Just wanted to see if e-bay was my last resort! Thanks for your responses!
  5. Sarah,
    Call the outlets once a week to check their stock. If you have a SA, she/he can keep an eye for you. Two bags I got from eBay turned out to be fake. I learned my lesson.

    Good luck. :yes:
  6. Me too... some people here know of my miserable recent eBay experience:

    My bf got me a lovely pink Dior, which was described as "10000% authentic!!!"

    It turned out to be fake. He then emailed the seller and she didn't reply until he threatened to report her to paypal. Shhe finally refunded the money. :sad:
  7. Hello,

    So sorry to hear your friend had such a bad experience on eBay. I haven't had a bad experience with eBay and have purchased tons of things on there. I know many great sellers whom sale authentic items only! You may want to make sure you only buy from a reputable seller with a good percentage of feedback (like 98-100%) from lots of buyers (I know even buying from great sellers is not for sure). Also, maybe read the forum on here about how to tell if a Dior bag is authentic or not...there are some great tips in there! So sorry to hear that! best wishes
  8. Hey Sarah,
    I have had 100% bad experience with Dior purchases via ebay. Items I bought all turned out to be fakes. You should be able to to find more Diorissimo Bags in the outlets. I've seen them for the past few months. I know in July they received a huge shipment of bags. Call them at least once a week to find out what they have available. I hope you find what you like. :tup::nuts::tup: