Dioract (dad) sandals question....


Mar 1, 2021
Hi! I have them and can confirm they run true to size and are very comfortable. I also have the Chanel dad sandals, they run a little big so I went down a half a size. The soles of the Chanel sandals are much harder than the Dioract but I still find them comfortable as well.
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Aug 31, 2008
I tried them on at the boutique. TTS with some room at the toe (Like a birkenstock fit which is a bit big)
comfortable. I wear a birkenstock Arizona (valentino and other designer collaborations) and I found these ungainly even for a dad sandal. (I do have a chunky chanel double strap sandal, but not the dad Sandal model. So I passed. JMO though.
I tried a 37 in these. For comparison, I’m a 37 in dior sling backs; 37 Manolo, 37 golden goose; 38 valentino (some models); 37 gucci Mormont loafers; 37.5-38 in a chanel ballet flat depending on year; 38 chanel espadrille; 37.5 brooks running sneaker
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Aug 2, 2022
Hi all! My sandals arrived today (I don’t have a dior near me) and I ordered my usual size (38) and they seem big. If my toes sit where they should yne heel strap isn’t firm against my heel. Wondering if I should order the 37 instead or if youre
All wearing the toes lower than the ridge bit?! Do they give and will they only get bigger?