Dior X Guerlain

  1. Hey girls, I really need your help!!!

    I'm a BIG make up addict!
    recently I went down to the store, and was planning to buy the diorshow mascara in black, but I was told it was out of stock :/, so the sales lady told me to see Guerlain new "Maxi Lash" mascara, I tried it as well as the dior show, and I loved both of them!...but I don't know...I thought I'd see what you guys think, because I already had on my own chanel, and I coated over it...so It wasn't completly G or D.

    the thing is I always splurge on cosmetics and I'm trying to cut down, this time I'm planning to buy only one, and I know you guys have been raving about dior show, as well as my own friends...but the Guerlain was really good too, I'm just soooo confused! :/

    Does anyone have both? could you please post a review?

    I also tried the benifets bad gal lash...it was really good, but it had some clumping...but I guess thats not its fault since I'm not an expert at mascara applying...also I was hoping if somebody typed down the best way in applying mascara since theres an obvious art to it, my problem is that some of my lashes get stuck together or theres a big gap between them because sometimes some get swished off together...you know? I've got black lashes and they've got a fair amout of volume I just need something that would part them and really show it off...

    So I'd love to hear from you...PLease help! :sweatdrop:
  2. I LOVE DiorShow mascara, but have you tried MAC Cosmetics Fiber Lash? It has fiber pieces in the mascara that actually make your lashes look thicker and longer!!! Have not tried the other one you bought though... in my opinion MAC gives you the best look for your $$$$.
  3. I totally agree Vuittonhammie! Mac is the best make up out there...but I'm just saying what I tried over at the store...I always try mac's blushes and eyeshadows...but their mascara's can't say I have...there now I got another option on mascara's...:confused1:

    Oh and I didn't buy anything yet...their both out of stock...:/
  4. Here is a review from MUA: (she used Diorshow & Guerlain)
    I think I am in love. I recently bought this was the FF code online at Sephora for the holidays, and it is so lovely. I was debating buying this or Fresh Supernova Mascara, and I defanitly made the right decision. First off, I love big lashes. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved the huge lashes with the doe eyed look. I was using Diorshow for that past two and a half years as my HG, but this defanitly has the potential to chnage that. Comparing it to Diorshow, it is much less clumpy and heavy. This has a smaller brush (don't let that foul you though!) that is way easier to control and can even get those tiny lashes in the corner. It kept my curl all day (still going strong after ten hours!) long without wilting, flaking, or smudging. As for as thickening, this won't do the job if you are looking for that, but as far as lengthening/seperating this is wonderful. Plus, you can use it on your tiny bottom lashes without clumps becoming a problem because of the light base formula. The packaging is glamorous without being cheesy or fake, plus it is skinnier and easier to unscrew that Diorshow. This is a definate repurchase for me!
    Fresh Supernova is a GREAT mascara- I think the write of that review really knows her mascaras!
  5. Thank you fully loaded!!! I think I made my choice already...I'll go for guerlain then.

    Thanks again for the help ^_^
  6. No problem- glad to be of service! :smile: