dior wicker frame bag

  1. i'm on the fence about this one......it'd be really cute for the summer but do i really wanna pay $1,800 for a wicker bag?........i really do love pink tho.......
  2. yikes, not for me
  3. eww that's ugly! =x
  4. :sick: hate it
  5. i think its cute.. im just not into straw
  6. uh oh! what is WITH dior this time???
  7. I think it's super-cute and girly, but I agree that almost $2k is wayy too much for just straw .. this seems to be a love-it or hate-it bag ..
  8. It looks kinda cheap.

    And I never buy straw bags - you can only use them during the especially summery months and they don't hold up well.
  9. I agree! This year they have put out some fugly bags.
  10. no no no.
  11. They could have done a better job. Is this from Old Navy???:blink:
  12. You've really hit this style dead-on. It doesn't look Dior quality.
  13. I dont like it, but I do like the new leather ones. They are limited editions and have butterfly wings on the CDs :biggrin:
  14. Um, I think that there is too much going on with the Dior wicker/straw purse. How about this instead:


    Kate Spade, priced at $245.
  15. Oh dear! so ugly...
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