Dior vs Chanel Card Holder

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
    Hi! Could anyone advise on how many cards the flat dior card holders (pics below) can fit / how much it can stretch out? And how this compares to the Chanel Card Holder?

    Am in a dilemma as to which to go for. I believe the Chanel one can hold more, since the cards on the Dior one only fit on one side, but that microcannage on the Dior is to die for..!

    Thank you!

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  2. I don't own either of them although from just the appearance alone, the Chanel looks like it can hold more cards.

    Go with the one that you like the most aesthetically. I think that we can always cut down on the number of cards we carry (really, only a driver's license/ID, credit card, and bank card are absolutely essential).
  3. That's great advice! I love both, though the Dior one stands out *slightly* more. The Dior one does look like it can't stretch out much though (it's pretty flat) hence my concern and reservations
  4. There are a couple of zip around card holders that can hold many more cards, I believe they had them in the delicious patent finish, but I don't know if it's specifically the micro cannage finish that was the draw for you? Because if not it could be a great option!

    View attachment 3409400
  5. I saw the zip around black patent cardholder too and it's actually way too big for me -- I'm looking for something I can use to carry my subway card and a few other cards + business cards for easy access! And yes it's the microcannage that has placed me in this dilemma; when the SA brought that one out, I melted :lol: unfortunately it doesn't look like they have other card holders in microcannage, do they?
  6. No I believe the only style of micro cannage currently available is the one you were shown... It is quite lovely that is for sure!
  7. There is also a small pouch in the microcannage, it's gorgeous! Of course not an actual cardholder, but it might be even more useful? It's currently not on the Dior website, but maybe it's still available through the boutiques. Below an older pic from the website as well as a pic previously posted by a tPFer.
    image.png image.jpeg
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  8. Wow, these look gorgeous! I'm looking for a card holder though :smile:
  9. This could be a great alternative! I use my Dior coin purse as a card holder as the other ones I have are way to snug to hold my business cards. The dimensions are roughly the same and it could fit many more cards and get access to them more easily than a typical card holder.
  10. I have the Chanel flat card holder and I don't care for it one bit! I prefer the zip around card holders because they are priced similar but hold more and are easier to get the cards in & out of....You have to struggle with the Chanel flat card holder just to get your cards in & out and though I've heard they stretch, mine hasn't in the 20+ times I've used it and now it just frustrates me so much that I don't use it at all. I love my Lady Dior zip around card holder though!!!
  11. That's actually a great idea that I didn't think of -- shall try my luck next time and see if they have any in stock. From the website, seems like they have the flat pouches in the Stardust design for this season.

    Do you find the dividers in the LD zip around card holder useful? It makes the card holder so bulky!
  12. Yes I do! They allow me to separate my cash & cards and also my credit cards from store cards and license :smile:
  13. can any one tell me here what is the price of dior card holder in cad.Tia.