Dior Sunnies on sale at Nordstrom

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  1. I was there yesterday and they had a few different styles for about $119 I believe.
  2. I wish i lived in the USA!
  3. They had some at Cosco for $89:tup:.

  4. Do you mean Costco? lol cause if you do I'm heading over there hahahahah

  5. Yes, costco (typing cramp:p). I got one for my wife there.
  6. Sweet! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, I'm going to go tomorrow see if they have any lol!!

  7. Are the Dior items at Costco authentic? I heard that Sams Club just settled a lawsuit with Fendi for selling superfake bags......

  8. Yes, they are and they carry much higher stuff like $8000 Zenith and Chopard watches too.