Dior Show mascara

  1. How much does it usually cost in the stores? I am trying to buy it online and want to get a good price-thanks!
  2. I bought it for $23 a couplemonths ago
  3. I bought mine at Sephora and it was $23.
  4. I just ordered some from Sephora after all the talk about it in the other thread. It was $23, and that seemed to be the going rate anywhere I saw it online. Can't wait til it gets here!
  5. Well-I guess off to Sephora online I go-thanks ladies!
  6. it totally makes a difference! shipping on Sephora is $5.95!
  7. Congrats! you are going to love it!! :yes:
  8. This is the best mascara ever - it is the only one that doesn't give me spider lashes :graucho:
  9. totally agree wiv you!! :yes:

    dont think theres a mascara around that is better than this one!!
  10. i loveeeee diorshow! it's amazing.
  11. also try YSL faux cils. better than diorshow, imo. it's amazing. :smile:
  12. I agree - love it, too. It's the only one that doesn't clump up on me.
  13. Yes! YSL Faux Cils is absolutely the best! I have Dior show & for me, it just doesn't compare.

    You don't have to curl your lashes or anything with YSl & just one coat is enough to make my lashes long & perfect looking. Dior Show, for me, isn't so hot, I've had a maybelline I prefered to that.
  14. You might wait until Dior has a make-up giveaway...they usually include it in the package. But you have to purchase another Dior item ... make that several. You will love it, though. good luck.
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