Dior patent wallet, yah or nay?

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  1. Hi Ladies, was mooching in Dior this afternoon, stumbled acoss the patent ultimate Dior wallets which i really like but not sure about the wear and tear of these babies. Was also looking at the Sarah wallet from LV, but the dior looks more feminine. The added headache is also what colour to go for too?
    Heard that the black patent is boring while the colored patents are more glossy..
    Thanks for any advice x
  2. Can you post pics of the wallets? You should buy the one your heart feels is right. It seems to me you like the Dior one more than the LV.
  3. May I recommend a metallic patent Ultimate DIor wallet? The combination of patent and metallic looks really nice. I'm not sure if they still have the silver patent, but it looks amazing!

    The Burgundy one also looks very nice.

    And Dior patent leather is pretty durable, except like all patent leather, lighter colours can absorb colours from darker fabrics.
    eqzoom85.ms.jpg Dior Silver Long Wallet.jpg
  4. My Dior always "wears" better than LV. My last LV wallet looked so shabby so quickly. I feel the Dior is the better investment and IMO looks better!
  5. I´ve got the Lady Dior Wallet. It totally practical, because inside you have space for notes, small change and cards. All the other wallets haven´t got extra space for notes.

    And you can have it in various colors!
    One you´ll find enclose.
    Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-23 um 21.36.16.png Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-23 um 21.35.51.png
  6. I've also got the Lady Dior wallet like lffi, but in pale pink patent leather. I've been using my wallet every day for 10 months now. It's in my silver Panarea with all my other stuff and apart from a few really slight colour transfers from the ribbon of my diary, I can't see any visible scratches or damage to the leather. It also comes with a detachable Dior charm clip so you can have the Dior charms hanging from your wallet, or it can be removed if you don't want them scratched over time. It's not necessary to use the charm clip to open your wallet as the zipper pull is quite long and I've had no problems opening my wallet with the pull

    It's also been mentioned numerous times on this forum that Dior lambskin and patent leather is more sturdy than Chanel, so I believe Dior wallets are more durable.
    Lady Dior pale pink patent leather wallet.JPG Lady Dior pale pink patent leather wallet interior.JPG
  7. I have that one in black with silver charms. I have had it for almost 2 years (I think) and it still looks great!
  8. I prefer patent leather since it is way more durable...I am such a clumsy person so I'd wanna avoid scratches as much as possible. All my past wallets which have been normal leather get beat up pretty bad. Plus the extra shine makes it so pretty 😍!

    Here's mine I just got from Printemps, Paris, in the new purplish color (no idea the name lol) I am in love!