dior on eluxury private sale

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  1. i'm not sure how often you ladies on the dior board check out the deals & steals subforum, but i found a pretty interesting thread there:


    the logo saddle pouch is going for $150. some diorlita shoes and a dress, 2 tops and a pair of tapered pants. maybe someone here might find something they'd want to buy from the link provided in the thread.

    (and here's the link - provided in the thread mentioned above, if you're too lazy to be doing that many clicking :P)
  2. Oooo Thanks a million for posting this, Zerodross! Too bad Eluxury doesn't ship to Canada...I've wanted a few of their sale items over the years but couldn't purchase them because they only ship within the US.
  3. Thanks Zerodross
    Oh the sandals are so cute and bright. But they're are in size 38 only :sad:
  4. wow, they still have this sale going?? its been private since june
  5. Can I ask how does Eluxury package their bags? I'd like to get the Dior saddle except Im in Australia and they dont shop internationally. Do they have tags attached to their bags. Sort of simialr to the Net A Porter ones that you can not remove incase you want to return the bag. I'd like something to guranteee that it is authentic and is from e-luxury other than documents. Im worried the forwarding service will switch the bag with a fake :S
  6. hi dimple,

    i know elux packs all their items in a silver box with purple ribbons and tonnes of packing materials/tissue to buffer the item. i've not bought a bag from them before (only clothing items), but perhaps you could email them to ask about how they pack it (or if they could attach something to it to make it "secure"?)

    perhaps someone else on the forum could help you out here.
  7. ^ i'm not into the mydiors at all
  8. Just wanted to comment on your Red Dior watch in your Avatar...it gorgeous!!!! K~:wlae:
  9. :nuts::nuts::drool::drool:
    MayDay you just brought back my love for dior! that woven lady dior is TDF!!! and i actually like the mydior bags that you posted up here.
  10. Thanks for posting this MayDay. I think Dior is churning out more classic bags lately. I don't blame them though cause some people think it's *too* trendy. But that is also why I love Dior, it has unique bags and I don't have the fear of walking around London and seeing exactly the same bag on someone else. I have the gaucho and although it's quite popular at the moment, I've only ever seen one other person with it. She had a black croc gaucho though.(Lucky B*tch :hysteric: lol)
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    i would have thought the same! i remember seeing a girl at starbucks with the denim gaucho (and that was before i had the gold gaucho) and thinking the same thing!
  12. Awww thank you thompk! I only wish I had a Chris 47 watch that looked like that with the cool metallic watch face...mine is just one-colored (white).
  13. You're very welcome!

    Yeah I'm glad Dior is making more classic bags nowadays, too (save the s/s 07 armor bags). Although I love their funky stuff (like the trailer, Street Chic, Hardcore, and Latest Blonde lines), their more classic stuff is simply gorgeous, and gives ladies of every age a chance to wear Dior without having to look like she's too old for it (sorry if I sound offensive...I offered my mother my red Hardcore bag over a year ago and she said that there was no way she could pull off something that red and new-age at 55 years old. Now Dior has more designs that she can wear). I do admit that their classic stuff isn't as "fun", but Dior still manages to add something to it to make it different from other brands (like the little Dior metal/leather logo thing on the front of the MyDior bags, and cute pockets).

    I agree with you and Zerodross...I won't have to worry about wearing the exact same bag as someone else (or bags with the same color scheme, like LV monogram bags).
  14. :heart: YAY!:nuts: Sadly Dior also keeps making me come back for more and drain my funds...oh well. My wish list just got longer again because of these new bags.