Dior Joaillerie

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  1. Has anyone seen this Milly Carnivora collection from Dior? I think it is crazy beautiful but the prices are not. I called out of curiosity and the man told me that the rings were priced $50,000 and up!!!! :cursing:

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  2. wow... the colours just pop!! gorgeous but yes... the price tag isn't so nice... :shocked:
  3. ooh i love the ring on the top left hand side...but then I would have to sell my last kidney for it ( the other one is reserved for a croc birkin lol)
  4. hahahaha, maybe you should start selling your eggs! :P Man.... maybe I should too.

    If you go to the Dior Joaillerie site, there is a video about making one of those rings and it took 4 months! I wish I could have one!
  5. wow those are beautiful....but still its overprice. 4 month of work doesnt justify this kind of price ...

    i wish i could own one too
  6. yeah, I agree with you. Especially for something you will wear on a finger that isn't even a wedding ring! We should protest! The entire dior purse forum and maybe we could all get one for our efforts :P