Dior Homme Classic Case Logic!!

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  1. I really want this bag :nuts: Im not a bag person but I like small messenger bags because I dont need to put so many things in it. I lovvvve the black Dior logo. Should I get it? If I do then I would be drop dead broke. :amazed: But during the summer I get a $1000 shopping spree in New York and I'm planning to buy clothing with it. But I should I wait till then? http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml;$sessionid$OTVBA5KACBWLZLAUALNCFEQ?styleid=10611753&SectionID=7000 (eluxury link)
  2. Just get it :biggrin: If it'll make you happy of course, then get the matching clothes in NY!
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