Dior Handbag Hook

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  1. I picked this up yesterday I love it is so cute!!!

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  2. Wow...it's sooo pretty & sparkly! :drool::drool:
  3. I love the sparkles, congrats!
  4. Ooooh! I :heart: it! Do tell where you got it! Please please!
  5. lovely:heart:
  6. :wtf:OH MY NERD!!! Must have it. Calling Dior Boutique NOW!!! I haven't been able to locate my cheapy one from Claires. And this one would make a perfect sub:amuse:
  7. ^ that's brilliant (and gorgeous!). congrats on the lovely purchase label addict. if you don't mind me asking, whereabouts did you purchase this purse hook from as i noticed that you're from england too and i would love to get one too (i'm crossing my fingers the manchester branch has it).
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  9. oooh i WANT one too ! sooo badly ! :drool:congrats !
  10. OMG so cute, now is it strong enough to hold large bag?
  11. I got it in Harrods the Dior Clothing Boutique on the first floor, the ground floor bag boutique didn't have it and neither did the actually Dior store so I don't know how hard it is to get I just saw it there in the case and had to have it. It reatailed at £135

    I just tried my LV Corsaire bag (it is REALLY heavy) and it seemed ok but I don't think I'd use it for really heavy bags just to be on the safe side
  12. So pretty!
  13. Gorgeous!!!!
  14. love it :heart:
  15. saw it in Harvey Nicks - lovely but my wee £10 special has done me fabby for so long now that I grudge buying it at that price