1. I went into Sephora and tried out some of the Dior glosses.

    The Gloss Show lipglosses are SO glittery. I love the look, but the glitter seems to get everywhere. Is it just me and my messy self?

    Have any of you girls tried it? What are your thoughts? Worth the $26?

  2. Love it. I have the Moka, and the trick is, ALWAYS use a lip brush, because you are right, the glitter does tend to travel if you use your finger to apply.

    Having said that, I like it because it lasts, and if you use the brush, no problems with glitter transfer.

    I'd also advise removing it with a touch of makeup remover, rather than just wiping it with a tissue, as once again, you'll have glitter problems.

    It is fab though, and although the pot is small, and it's expensive, you don't need to use too much at a time.


  3. i just bought a orangey one of these today * i have like every shade of every style dior lipgloss and i think its brill! it stayed on for quite a while and the glitter holds its shape on your lips and overall its not too sticky but not too watery, id give it a 8/10 *based on the blooomin price*
  4. I have the Rebecca Red (fuschia with fuschia glitter) and it goes on well with a lip brush, which gives a thinner coat.
  5. why do they have to name the colors with celeb names like lindsay pink! what if we like the color but not the celeb?!
  6. :roflmfao: Well, I guess if you like it, you should buy it! Personally, I tried DIOR Gloss lipgloss, and it's not really worth the $26. But, if it works for you and you like it, that's what matters.