Dior Girly Boston

  1. Hiya I am desperately after one of these bags! Does anybody know where I could get one from apart from eBay as my computer always decides to run slow in the last 5 mins and I get outbid!! Or does anyone have one on here that they are will in 2 part with?
  2. Sign up for auction sniper and it will bid for you in the last few seconds ;)

    I don't know of anywhere else as they are snapped up so fast.
  3. Sorry the only place I can think of is eBay. I love that bag, it is so pretty!
  4. The outlet has a girly flap reporter for $395 but no boston :sad:
  5. Will try the sniper thing for ebay if I have no luck!

    Thank you

  6. Yay I managed to get one off ebay! :yahoo:

  7. Awesome, I have always loved this line. Post pics when you get it! :smile:

  8. congrats girlie ! please remember to post pics when you get it! :heart:
  9. yay! i cant wait to see the pictures!
  10. And did you snipe it :graucho:

  11. No i didnt get to use that, I got the seller to end the auction early hehe!

    Yeh will post pics when it comes :p

  12. That was nice of her/him.

    Can't wait to see it ;)
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats, can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:

    I want one of those too, only problem is, where would I use it, lol.
  15. I love the bag would love to see some pic of you modelling your new bag!