Dior Gaucho Tote In Black!!!

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  1. I'm on a roll..............just picked up a Black Gaucho Tote yesterday!! :yahoo:

    Actually went into the store to get the Rebel in Khaki but got distracted by the Gaucho tote which just seems SO easy to wear.......

    Should I keep it????
  2. if you love it, OF COURSE!!!

    I still love the Gaucho:heart:
  3. heehee thanks swanky!

    yes I do love it and especially since it looks like one of those bags you can just throw around without worrying about it.

    but I was just wondering if the gaucho is already on its way out??

    I just bought the prada nappa gaufre satchel and don't think I can afford another bag after both the prada and the dior so I need to be absolutely sure!!:graucho:

    Dying to see it in black! I have the Rebel in green and 2 Gauffre Prada bags..Interested in seeing the Gaucho too!
  5. Just for you Jill :P ;)
    m rees 063.jpg m rees 064.jpg m rees 066.jpg
  6. THANKS!!!LOL! Love it on ya!
  7. It's gorgeous, and definitely a keeper ! :yes:
  8. congrats, looks great on you!
  9. keeper.
    i have a feeling people really love their gaucho's .
    and as long as celebs wear them they are "in" no? I hate that but it's true.

    I love the bag. Keep it.
  10. Keep it!!!!!!!
  11. I love it!! Definitely keep it!:yes:
  12. I didn't used to like this bag but now I want one. I love it in the black.:nuts:
  13. It's gorgeous. Great choice. Heidi Klum has the exact tote. The Gaucho's are gorgeous and fun bags. Keeper for sure!
  14. hi there!

    gorgeous bag!!! im sooo jealous. :crybaby: i really want to get one (im saving up for one now...)

    what's the size of your gaucho?

    i saw one online and it was around 17 inches. does this size really exist? i checked Neiman Marcus and they only have the 14 inch one.

  15. mojo no news?

    meriam .. ur Gaucho is TDF ... i loove it .. what color? black?dark blue?
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