DIOR Gaucho now in BLACK LEATHER!!

  1. The black leather version has arrived!! A little more subdued than the other colors, but I really liked it!!

    I was at the Mall today and had my camera with me (to take a photo of daughter with the Easter bunny...I'm too cheap to buy those photo packages!!). So when I was checking out Dior, I asked if I could take a photo for a friend. The SA was very nice and let me!!

    Double and single style:

    Black Dior Gaucho Double.JPG Black Dior Gaucho single.JPG
  2. Saks NEW YORK has it in every color too!they called me yesterday...
  3. In the black, I have to say that I am really digging that double. I thought I would like the medium more! They are coming out with bags faster than I can really use them!!!

  4. Oh, this is by far my favorite gaucho....I am on a black bag kick too - I smell trouble....

    So, what is the verdict on this puppy - trendy or classic???
  5. I like the bag but the darn keys make it so trendy!!LOL!!
  6. I still think that it's a trendy bag. I have a hard time seeing it as a classic, but who knows...
  7. I vote trendy.
  8. OMG it's so GORGEOUS! I love it!!!!!!
  9. i vote trendy too.
  10. Love It!
  11. Ahh they said they would call me if they got them. Is this Ala Moana or Waikiki!
  12. uh oh. I gotta stop looking at that bag! I love it!
  13. I think I like the black and the off white best.
  14. It looks really good in black! Too many beautiful bags coming out at once ... :sad2:
  15. Oooh I like it!!
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