Dior Flight Tote

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  1. Hi:

    I am pretty new to Dior and need some advice. I have a friend who purchased a medium Dior Flight Logo Tote (brown logo canvas with the brown leather). She has decided it was too big for her and has offered it to me for $750.00. I have done a couple of Internet searches but can't find anyone currently selling this bag to see what it should retail for. Is that a good price? Is this still in style? TIA
  2. This is a good price, I saw this bag at the Dior outlet in Orlando, for approx. the same price, which I believe is 50% off retail. I really like this bag, it is from the Dior Vintage logo collection. I actually called to see if it was still there, and was told they had no more vintage collection. I believe this is the same size, so, seems like she's offering a good price.
  3. Thanks so much. I thought it was a good price, but didn't know and am not sure if it was an old or new style.
  4. I believe the vintage collection was just taken off the regular retail recently. I bought my bags at Saks Dior boutique a few months ago, and it was during a sale at 40% off, so it was just recently sent to the outlets. It is pretty much sold out at the outlets.