Dior Diva Flap Bag Black Leather Purse

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  1. I haven't heard of the site, but I remember these on elux, they were called something like 'frame bag' something or the other though. It's super cute !
  2. I didn't visit the site that you posted, but I would definitely be wary. The photo you posted is the exact same one that eluxury used to have ... I know because I definitely stalked this dior because it was so pretty. :love:
  3. I don't trust this site. Be wary!!!!
  4. Have you tried the Dior outlet? That style looks a bit dated and they may have it there now.
  5. Dior outlet???

    Where?? I have never seen one !! :nuts:
  6. Cabazon, CA and Woodbury Commons in NY.
  7. Beware of sites like that one they are usually rip offs. I have learned the hard way never to order anything from them.
  8. i wouldn't trust that website...it seems dodgy.

    that bag is called the dior diva flap bag, and it was available in black calfskin and leopard print cowhair with red calfskin trim.
  9. Update, I saw this on sale a week ago @ the Ala Moana Dior. I'm sure they should still have it. I couldnt find this thread earlier :lol:
  10. I have purchased from Andrea's Boutique twice and she has great stuff. She shops the outlets and numerous other stores, therefore the items are real.