dior clip earrings? care to share experiences?

  1. i find it really strange that a high-end designer would be doing clip-on earrings. nevertheless, i'm thrilled because i don't have my ears pierced and always thought the clip-on earrings out there were all so old-fashioned and clunky looking. in my experience w/those early on in my teenage-hood, i found them to look overly and obviously like clip-ons, defeating the whole purpose of looking just as cute as normal pierced earrings. they were also really nerve-wrecking to wear, because i felt like they would slip off any moment.

    now that i've discovered these dior clip earrings, i'm ecstatic and want to head to the dior boutique ASAP to get me some. before i buy more potentially regrettable stuff, do any of you have experiences w/these and care to share?:nuts:
  2. sorry hun ears pierced here ...i gave up and did that when i was 26 for the precise reasons u mention:yes: are you sure you dont want to consider piercing them?