Dior boots

  1. cute!
    Good luck with your search :smile:
  2. those are hot boots!
  3. wow nice!
  4. my memory is failing me but i remember seeing it somewhere. bluefly maybe?
    i'll try to remember.
  5. There's a new eBay auction that came out... item # 170096838999

    It's a size 8, but you can always wear ankle socks and fit into it fine. Also remember, Dior shoes run a tad bit small. Hope it helps :smile:
  6. Oh wow thanks Lyn! I think I can wear a size 38 italian quite comfortably.

    Now probably a silly question - but do you guys think that it's authentic?
  7. Not a silly question at all! You can use the pics in this auction to help authenticate a future pair!

    The boots in this particular auction are authentic :nuts:
  8. I love Dior boots and own 4 pairs. they are fab and fit so well.
  9. those boots are hot!