Dionysus mini bag - stitching on flap has come undone

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have the Gucci mini Dionysus bag in black leather. I’ve only had it 4 months and the stitching has popped undone on one side on the flap underneath. I’ll upload some pics to show you what I mean. I don’t even use this flap as it’s stitched at either side and is too hard to get anything in and out of without causing this to happen so I only used that pocket once when I got the bag and then never used it again. I’ve noticed that the stitch holding one side down has popped open which is very disappointing seeing as I don’t use that pocket.

    I’ve spoken to Gucci at selfridges where I bought the bag and they have advised I bring it in and they will send it to London to be looked at. If they can’t fix it there it will be sent back to Italy to be fixed, so it’s all good.

    I just wondered if this happened to anyone else?

    I did debate leaving it and unpicking the stitch on the other side so I could then use the pocket, but I’m not sure whether it would change the look of the bag as the leather probably wouldn’t lie flat.

    Any opinions?

    Pics coming soon

  2. I’ve also uploaded a photo of how the stitch should look as the left side stitch is intact.

    let me know what you guys think. 4B3D1C22-42A4-4D41-9AE6-3679D81E702C.jpeg 7EB381FF-DA7C-4ADD-BFF8-A764045DA907.jpeg

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