Dilemma with pomme cles

  1. I absolutely love my pomme cles! It's the most amazingly beautiful LV piece I own. However, my house keys and car keys can't fit in the key ring because the key holes are too small. And it's kinda hard carrying it around with my cash/ID/credit cards/coins and the chain, and I don't like leaving the chain dangling. So, I'm thinking of returning it to the LV boutique. :crybaby:

    As much as a LOVE the cles I can't justify having an item when I can't use all it's functions. I've also been looking around at LV wallets, so I was thinking of returning it and using the credit to purchase something like a zippy. The cles is gorgeous, but it's something I definitely won't be using daily, especially since it doesn't hold much and I can't get my keys on it. A wallet is more expensive, but I know I can get a lot of milage out of it. Plus I won't be afraid that it will get tossed around in my bag. With the cles, I'm too busy ogling it and wiping smudges off it! It's more eye candy than functional, and that's expensive eye candy!

    I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the cles. It will take a lot of will power to return it!
  2. i just took my keys off of mine but i had my keys on a little ring and then that ring on the cles key ring. maybe that would help? see i loved having my keys dangle- i love the jingle of it.

    if you love it find a way to work it out. if not then return it and get something you will love.
  3. how do your keys fit onto your current key holder? I have my house key and car key on a small ring and its attached to my cles..
    See pic here

  4. ah the pomme cles is so beautiful. i haven't gotten one yet though.
  5. Like Bag Fetish mentioned, place your keys on a small ring holder, then attach it to your Cles. Or, just a thought, you could buy the Vernis Key Holder instead of the Cles.
  6. I have tried that. I like things more streamlined, with less stuff hanging off it. But I'm also just picky like that. :smile: But I do love the cles, so I may just end up using another key ring to attach my keys.
  7. i got the pomme mutlicles and i love it. maybe you should try that!
  8. I saw that at the boutique too, and I really liked it. But I like that the cles holds coins. I think I'll look for a small key ring to attach my keys. Thanks for the advise!
  9. I love the cles but find it useless. None of my keys fit on it.
  10. I don't try to stuff keys in my pomme cles, but I am a little suprised at how little it holds. Still gorgeous, though. I'll get a canvas cles soon.
  11. if ur heart is still beating for a cles.. then do try the azur or damier or monogram or groom one.. they are waaay more roomy/flexible in my openion!! and u can attach an external ring as a fellow member posted a pic to accomidate ur keys!

    i am sorry its not working for u!! but my advice would be give another cles a try! :yes: