Dilemma - which colour Bayswater?

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  1. I have been lusting after a Bayswater for a while and I'm coming close to being able to make a purchase :yahoo:I'm not sure which colour to get. I love, love, love the oak but reason tells me that black would be a more sensible colour. Pls can Bayswater owners give me any advice? Thanks!
  2. im in the same situation between oak and chocolate.

    pros of the oak, are it has that cool urban hippie vibe, it's a light neutral color that would be easy to match. the cons of the oak are, from what i have read, that it will watermark and whatnot more easily than a darker color. i also worry it may be more casual than the chocolate.

    the pros of the chocolate are that i have never owned a nice dark brown bag, it would be fun to create new outfits around, it's a classic/siophisticated color. my cons with the chocolate are it may be hard to create outfits with, it may be too somber a color.

    which do you gals prefer? the only things i have to go by are member pics on here and eBay pics of bags....
  3. hmmm...that link doesn't really relate to colors all that much:confused1:
  4. lemme see, I have the darwins in oak (bayswater), choco (ledbury), and black (east-west bayswater). Of the three colors seeing them IRL, I like black the best!
  5. Thanks. I think I'm going to have to check the colours out in real to see which I prefer. I am leaning towards oak, because it's such a versatile colour.
  6. Thanks :smile:

    There are two things that put me off a Bayswater slightly. Firstly, the weight - Mulberry bags are not light! Secondly, the potential for watermarking, etc. I am looking for a bag that I can use all year round and I don't want something I'm going to have to baby.
  7. the weight issue is also concerning me slightly as is the fact that it may not fit over my shoulder when wearing a coat. I've decided to go for the chocolate colour when i can afford to buy one so i don't have to worry about the watermarks issue as much. Having said that I've carried my oak annie in the rain and it didn't get marked. The collonil spray does seem to work!
  8. Don't know of this watermark problem. My Bayswater is black darwin. I've used it for a year in all kinds of weathers. Including snowstorms and pouring rain. There are no marks on it and the leather is still smooth and nice. I don't use the colonoil but a rich leathercream instead and that does the trick.
  9. All I would say is I saw a woman with an oak Emmy when I was down at the Mulberry sale and her bag had aged badly. It was pretty marked. My chocolate and black Mulberry bags have stood up to wear well so my choice would be a darker colour but you have to get what you're happy with. Oak is lovely but it's not the most durable.
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone. Hmm, choices, choices.
  11. Hi!

    I think the oak is my favourite Mulberry colour - it's so versatile. However, it watermarks really badly. You mentioned oak or black - are you interested in the chocolate? I saw a chocolate Bayswater in John Lewis the other day and it was gorgeous, really suited the shape of the bag. I don't think chocolate photographs that well but IRL it's stunning. Also, the chocolate darwin seems quite robust. I've had my chocolate Elgin out in the rain and any watermarks just wiped straight off - I dread to think what the oak would have been like.

    However, it depends if you want to keep the bag pristine. I'm planning on getting my oak Emmy a bit bashed up so, hopefully, any stains/watermarks won't stand out too much. I always feel that the Bayswater doesn't suit the distressed look as well as, say, the Roxanne.

    The black would probably be quite robust, as long as you don't think it looks too briefcase-y.

    Sorry, that's not a huge amount of help but just wanted to say hi!
  12. Thanks

    Dita is that you from the bag? Tis me, Arish! If it isn't, that sentence will sound like gibberish and I'll sound like a complete loon!!
  13. Hi Arish

    Yes, it's me :wlae:

    I knew it was you from your blog name (if that doesn't make me sound too much of a stalker!)

    I like it here - lots of yummy Mulberry!