Dilemma - What color bow to buy?

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Which color bow should I buy?

  1. Amarena

  2. Graphite

  3. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have the bow satchel in Amarena, Graphite, and Black on hold at Nordie's. I CAN'T decide which one to buy (and I can only buy one!) and need help! I have a wine and red color bag, a few black bags, but no gray bags. Please help! Thanks ladies!!! :tup:
  2. Amarena is GORG but I voted graphite sheerly to diversify your collection.
  3. ^^ I totally agree. I own the bow in Amarena and it is gorgeous but you have a couple of bags in this family of color...so I vote for graphite:heart:
  4. same thoughts too, wongy74. it will be nice to add a competely different colour to your bag collection
  5. My vote for graphite!
  6. I say graphite. I havent seen the bow in that color but I saw another bag and it was gorgeous!
  7. graphite!!
    as others said, for diversity

    but also because it seems to be the most versatile color without resorting to black
  8. Thanks, ladies. You all have a good point. BUT the bow in Amarena is so so so beautiful! :cloud9: I'm still at a loss... buy both?!?! lol
  9. I'd get graphite in your shoes! Black and wine bags always come along, gray is harder to find in a style you love. I also think if you have the cash later and really love the bow a black or amarena will be easier to find than graphite! :yes:
  10. Graphite!!
  11. I never thought about it that way! Thanks!