Dilemma - please help!


Rouge v's Grenat - what should I do???

  1. Grenat and Rouge are Too similar stay clear

  2. Not similar at all buy the Rouge

  3. Sell the Rouge to fund the Grenat

  4. Just keep what you have and be content!

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  1. Oh some of you will know I bought my rouge Paddy about a month ago and really reallyl do love her. Tommorow I will take delivery of my blue nuit which I cannot wait for but I also have the opportunity to buy the Grenat......

    Aaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh what to do? Is the grenat too similar to Rouge? Would I not get a lot of wear from 2 red bags?

    Any opinions to this crazyness would help!

    Or maybe I should just stop spending full stop - thats a point to consider I suppose.

    Help oh knowledgeable people!
  2. I know your angst all too well. It's a struggle I've endured off and on for years now with the "fill in the blank" current addiction. BTW, it tends to run high in the female species, LOL.

    I'll tell you why you should not buy the grenat, you're eating your guts out too much and the guilt isn't worth it. Let's face it you don't need two red bags (I may get torched for this). So I vote be content with what you got and let it go.
  3. Aw Susie you sound exactly like Chloe Babe! Are you sure she hasn't put you up to this! hee hee

    Thanks for being so honest!
  4. Keep the rouge, its absolutely gorgeous.

    Save the money for a lovely new bay bag ;)
  5. It's only because I'm telling myself the same thing. When you're a true collector at heart you tend to get the same thing over and over again because you love it so much. You'll find any excuse to justify the purchase and it can become crazy.

    I'm a big antiquer, purses and tiques, believe it or not, have many similarities. Catch all phrases like rare, one of a kind, highly collectable, once in a life time opportunity, arrrrrgh and then you get further and further into debt or you don't buy "other" stuff that you may really need because your feeding "the love".:graucho:
  6. I used to have the grenat and sold it. It wasn't happy enough for me! Red should be joyful and vibrant!

    I found an '05 rouge and love it to death! I much prefer the rouge and would have no desire or need for both red Paddy's.
  7. I also say let the grenat go and be content with rouge and blue nuit. I assume your Rouge was BNWT and the Grenat will be lovingly used - for the money I'd rather have the brand new bag.

    Sometimes I feel the color variances are over-hyped and it comes down to personal preference. If Grenat was YOUR holy-grail bag I don't think you'd be asking for advice! LOL! If it's not, then Embrace your Rouge!!
  8. Ok, I am going to weigh in on the other side- buy the grenat and compare the two against your wardrobe. Keep whichever works best for your color palate.

    I also have a proclivity for the 05 leather, so I lean toward the grenat just for the quality of the bag.

    But then I did have both a rouge and a grenat for about 5 minutes-- I let the grenat go (for a variety of reasons really) and am loving the rouge.


    I just talked myself in a circle!! LOL :shame:
  9. Hee hee HM - good suggestion about buying it and see what I like best. It's interesting to see that most people here seem to tell me to stay clear! Maybe some sense is finally coming into it as my spending this month has been a bit extreme!

    Thanks for everyones input and suggestions.
  10. If you really love the Rouge, then keep it!:yes:

    If you're ummming and ahhhhing over the grenat, then i would say you don't really want it...(if, however, it was an absolute love and obsession of yours, and you couldn't sleep at night for thinking of Grenat, then i'd say go for it):graucho:

    But, as that's not the case, i've voted for stick with what you've got.

    You can always add more bracelet bags to the ever increasing collection...:yahoo:
  11. Here are some side-by-side compar pics of rouge and grenat:


  12. One more, since the nuances vary from photo to photo:

  13. I have seen both colours in real life, and the Rouge reminded me of a lipstick colour. I think you'll probably get more use out of the Grenat in the long run, because the colour is less bright and not so fake-looking. But it also depends on your wardrobe palette. The Grenat is kind of like a burgundy.
  14. Traditional or fun? Both is a little too much. If you already hava a cache of traditional colors go for fun.
  15. i say keep the rouge, else the second guessing will never stop......