Dilemma! Papyrus vs Latte.

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  1. Hello All,

    I am stuck! I have a Latte RH Day bag, but saw on line that there was a Papyrus Giant 21 Work bag. I just bought a G21 Work in Black, but saw the Papyrus on sale, and am debating getting another G21 work bag, but am worried that it may be too similar to my Latte Day color.

    Do any of you ladies out there have both and can share a side by side comparison photo?

    I've been addicted to Mulberry bags, but now, I've got the bbag bug! ha.

  2. i just googled & think the two really look very similar.. but since your latte is a Day you can still go for the papyrus work :graucho: i must say both colors are beautiful~