Dilemma!! My BF is evil?...

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  1. Help!! Just moments ago my boyfriend handed me a FAKE LV bag and said to me, "If you don't wear this fake one, I won't buy you a [real] bag tomorrow!" :wtf: Apparently his mom sent it over for me, too. Although knowing that it's fake.

    It's a monogram model that doesn't exist, and the leather smells terrible, and it comes with cards and a pamphlet for "Cuir Glace." It's absolutely frightening...!

    What should I do?? He usually buys my LV for me and I was getting one tomorrow! :crybaby:
  2. wear it ... round the house LOL
  3. Mind showing us pics?? :graucho:
    OMG...what a dilemma...!! If you really really want a real bag, I guess you will have to wear it!
    Have you objected to it yet?
  4. I said, "NO, I can't! It's totally wrong to LV" and he's simply "I don't care."

    Will definitely post pics after I come back from Calgary! You have GOT to see the "cards.." LOL
  5. :confused1: Why would he do that....what's the point?:confused1: Can't wait to see the pics.:devil:
  6. i personally would wear it (i think its a good deal lol) but once my hands were on the real thing that would be used firewood
  7. Hey...for him to buy you a REAL LV if you wear the fake for a day..I'd do it!!!
  8. I think I would too: in a part of town where no one knew me lol!:graucho:

    Is he asking you to do this because the bag is a present from his mother?
  9. :cursing: I would do it. My DH would Never buy me anything from LV so~ with that being said...just do it.:yes:
  10. i would do it to get the real one
  11. I would do it to get the real one however, I wouldn't wear it to the LV store.:nuts: :nuts:
  12. I would say forget it, and buy myself a new bag. I would not lower myself to wear a fake, just top get a real one. Just my opinion.
  13. humor him, its only for a day.
  14. I would do it!!
  15. do it do it do it!! Just take it to the supermarket or something, or just drive it around in the front seat haha, i would totally do it!!:yes:
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