Dilemma: LV or Loewe

  1. Argh!:confused1: I can only buy 1 bag this year and I am torn between the Loewe mini-Amazona (hopefully I can find a pink one like my avatar) or the LV Perfo Speedy in Fuschia Pink.

    Which will you choose?

    Also, does anyone know whether this site Welcome to Topmodeapurses sells authentic stuff?
  2. i'm not crazy about the Perfo line, because i think it makes the bag look like a pet carrier, but the Speedy definitely looks better than the Leowe :yes:
  3. I never really liked the perfo speedy! So I'll go for the Loewe.
  4. i love the perfo line. so, lv for me
  5. The site you've mentioned sells fake LV's. :hysteric: Welcome to Topmodeapurses
    Stay away!!!
  6. Oh Thanks Eva! phew~~!!
  7. the only website that sells authentic Louis Vuitton is eLuxury. everywhere else is fakety-fake-fake :yes:
  8. go for the celine!!! inject some new fresh blood into handbag world. only buy lv at e-luxury!!! the rest are anything but real.