DILEMMA: am i the only one..? WARNING LONG!

  1. hmm..how should i start?
    i am an impulse buyer..and i'm not the type that would stare at something for years then get it...
    if u ask me which bag i MUST HAVE...there aren't any of them! i just love LV and i love to collect things i love! it's more like i like to get more so i can switch between them..mainly because i like to keep my bags as clean and new as possible!
    so..i can't say i've been regretting my purchases..but...i really can't explain my feelings..but i'm sure some of you out there can help me out!

    is it really time for me to stop? there are so many bags i love to see..esp when other tPF'ers show pictures of them wearing them! but i think i like to admire more than anything else..by the time i buy it..i don't feel it's as special anymore!

    sigh!!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric:
  2. Im the same exact way! I get this itch to buy something, or when I see something I like, I have to have it right now. To the point where I get so obsessed:hysteric: with getting it. Then after I have it in my possesion, the thrill is gone & I need my next fix. So i guess Im a certified shopaholic, a shopaholic of designer brands...:busted
  3. LOL..I think we get to that point one way or another..

    May be you didn't really like it in the first place..
  4. but im not like that with other brands!! only LV...:love:

  5. yeah...i do have same feeling with you...you are not the only one..
    sometimes i just keep purchase lots stuff..not only louis vuitton but also alot of designer item...including bag, shoes, jeans, accesories, nacklace, bracelet, clothes...everything.

    after purchase the cloth for winter...i start to prepare for summer.
    after purchase the big purse, i start to buy small one..

    and never ever stop...

    i take care every bag, protect it as new as possible..and switch them everyday..just like you..

    now...when i open my computer, i log on to this site...

    dont know is it right for me? since i am only a college student..i owns over 20 designer bag, 30+ designer jean...etc...i am too young to deserve that much luxury in my life...isnt it?

    not like you ladies, who has a great career, great husband.......

    after viewing your post..i start to think..is it the time for me to stop too?
    i am sorry to write my feeling in your thread..
    i just feel you have a very similar feeling as i do.

    best wishes for you...
    if you can afford your hubby, i think everything is alright for you.
  6. if you can afford ur hubby...i was confused for a sec there :smile:

    but i do get what u mean...im glad (sorrry) that there are other people out there like me! at least i'm not sick or sth...
  7. I, too am obsessed with buying LV. Perfect example. The Groom Line and the Inclusion. I love it. BUT, I wouldn't have purchased it immediately if it was NOT a limited collection, ya know? I had to have it, because of that! Say, the Mini Lin collection, I like it, but didn't buy it because I know it's a permanent line and it will alway be available. If it was a limited piece, then I would purchase "something" from that line. New items that I totally love no matter what, like the Damier Speedy 25, I would buy it immediately. I've purchased sooo much in the past few months because they've come out with tooo many things that I love or limited pieces. I sooooo want the Jack and Lucie, but I just bought the Groom Wallet and Cles, the Speedy Inclusion, the Frabroise Agenda, Damier Speedy 25 and won the auction for the sought after Cerises Speedy 25, all in the last 3 months. It's burning my pocket book....YIKES>
  8. oh...sorry i spell it wrong..i mean if you can afford your hobby..the shopping hobby i mean..

    yeah..and when i sew something came out from lv and its limited...
    i will get one ASAP..

    thats so bad.:shrugs:
  9. I think you enjoy more of the thrill of buying rather than enjoying the item itself. :P It does happen to us every now and then.
  10. When you say you're not like that with other brands...elaborate a little...Do you mean you actually continue to enjoy and still feel the "high" long after you get a new item of other designer brands? Or do you mean you don't even have the thrill of the hunt to begin with?
  11. Quit buying Lv for a while then?
  12. i don't really look at other brands..before i became obsessed with LV, i was into coach, CD and burberry.......once i became hooked, i sold every one of my other bags..so now i'm left with only LV........now i only look at watches and jewelry from other brands! only because i feel that jewelry from LV is 1) too expensive and 2) not something i'd wear everyday!
  13. OK, I am a recovering shopaholic! I can share some things I've learned.
    1. Your life will not be better or different if you dont get that new thing (in most cases) and the things do not bring happiness. I swear this is true!
    2. Lists are really helpful. Try making lists of what you need to buy and don't be swayed by impulses often.
    3. Make a "wish list." I just calculated mine, and it comes out to $7500! I always get everything on my wish list, but it takes time. You have to make a budget and stick to it. Of course, factor LV purchases into the budget! I'd love to go out this weekend and buy all that stuff, but I will appreciate it more if I plan & save for my bday, holidays, etc coming up. I always ask for only cash or gift cards, and put them all together to get what I really want. Also, I am always adding to the list and re-prioritizing it. I know exactly what I'll get when I get paid the next 3 times.
    4. Everyone's budget is different. Dont get dependent on credit cards. If you cant pay for it now, you cant afford it now.
    5. Put a little away for an impulse buy now & then. I keep mine in another account. I try to pay for everything with my debit card. I always have my sidekick, and I can transfer money instantly if I need to, like last week @ LV! But then you have to pay the money back to that account asap (within a month)
    6. Most people do not understand what we are doing spending so much money on this stuff. But honestly, I think it is important to buy LV and other designer stuff in my life, and I will always factor it into my budget. Sometimes I can buy more, sometimes less. But eventually, if I miss something, I'll find it on ebay a few months-years later if I'm still thinking about it.
  14. The thing is, especially since I found this forum :heart: we know a bit in advance what is coming out and when. So we can plan for the limited collections (miroir for example has been on my mind for a while and I'm saving for 1, hopefully 2 bags) and add it into the budget.
  15. stefania, thanks for your list! it does really make sense! but for me, i always use my credit card to buy...and pay it off that month! i like receiving points on credit cards and redeeming them for gift cards and so forth!

    but this thread was written not because of financial problems.....it's because i take a look at my inventory..my GROWING inventory..and it hits me that things are just sitting there.......i do use all of my bags and accessories, apart from a damier card holder i recently bought......but i guess i just get tired of using the same bag all the time..and i've been going in circles thinking about what it means to really "want" something..!