Dilema... toughts about my wallet dilema pls

  1. I need a wallet but I seriously mean it "NEED" it hehehe I haven't have a wallet for a year now and it is just terrible :push: ... of course I want a LV wallet and I am saving for one at the moment I can't afford it as I want a brand new wallet ( I think wallets are more personal than bags...)
    Today I found a gucci wallet in a shop here where I live and they have SALE so after the sale it ends up beeing 140$ which I can afford NOW and the wallet is ok (leather, practicall). the question is should I save more keep on carrying my cards and bills in my pockets :shame: and buy a Vuitton which is only canvas (mono or damier) in like 3 months maybe :love:, or is better this gucci wallet in leather a lot cheaper ??? :s
  2. I have a feeling you really want an LV wallet --- so, I think you might want to consider just holding off, save a bit more, and get what you really "need." You'll be happy in the long run. The Gucci wallet seems a bit more practical since it's leather and also on sale, but don't settle for less.
  3. question exacly what do you want to put in the wallet? because i have 2 and i usually just end up using my mini pochette those only cost $215 USD
  4. I totally recommend waiting, the LV wallets are made so beautifully and they look so great with the purses. I have not regretted buying mine for a second.
  5. ITA!
  6. Wait and buy the Louis Vuitton - they last forever!

  7. :yes:
  8. Definitely wait for the LV. I love my wallet so much and I know I'll always have it. It's one of my favorite pieces ever.
  9. I think you love LV too much to buy a Gucci piece that you'll always carry. If it was something that you didn't always need I'd tell you go for it, but like the other ladies said don't settle for something you'll be carrying everyday!!
  10. Go for LV!