Dilema.. Help me decide...


Which one should i buy??

  1. Mono Rivet

  2. Mono Stephen

  3. Neither....save ur $$ for something else..

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  1. Ok.. So after seeing everyones Mono Rivet bag, i'm keep thinking of one of these, however, a few days ago, i saw a girl carrying a mono stephen as a handheld and it looked hot... Sooooo...

    Which one should i choose...
    Mono Rivet


    or the Mono Stephen
  2. Mono stephen!!! So gorgeous:drool::drool:!!!
  3. I'm not too crazy for them....... my vote for the 3rd option :shame:
  4. I love the mono rivet bag style but to me the shape is wierd, what I mean that it is large but can't carry it as a handbag and it would seem very uncomfortable---I think if the bottom was thinner it would be a great bag.
    To me the mono stephen is just a dressed up Speedy and I don't think the strap is that great --kind of busy looking. I think if you are spending that type of money get a bag that you are so in love with it will make you smile each time you wear it. I would say go to LV and try on a ton of bags you will know when its right.
  5. Stephen!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. mmmm prefer the lambskin Rivet & the leopard Stephen!!
  7. I chose neither... Mono Riveting is just "okay" for me (I prefer the lambskin), and I only like the embossed leather or leopard Stephen... I guess my third choice (save ur $$$) doesn't really apply here:sweatdrop:
  8. Mono Stephen
  9. I also don't like that strap on the Stephen & it's too similar to a speedy IMO.

    Go for the riveting bag !!!:yes:
  10. The mono Stephen is pretty cute, don't care for the rivet
  11. mono rivet! not a fan of the stephen...
  12. I personally like the Stephen better :yes:
  13. Stephen hands down!!! It's soo cute, i always get compliments whenever i use it, not digging the rivet design......
  14. I chose neither =/
  15. neither one would fit my style.... I would probably go for a Suhali piece if you are going to spend that much money.