Digital cameras

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  1. Today I lost my Nikon digital camera (taking photos of my granddaughter at a crowded festival) It wasn't the greatest camera but it was user friendly both to me and my computer - I have to replace it fast - Can anyone recommend one to me? I would be very appreciative! (nothing complicated or over 5 megapixels) I know you guys are better than consumer reports!!!!!!. THX!
  2. i have a canon digital elph that's a few years old and i love it, i got my boyfriend one for valentine's this year and he loves his, so i may not know that much about cameras but that is what i would recommend for ease of use and compactness. fayden probably has better suggestions because she's a photographer.
  3. I have a digital Elph as well. I also have a Nikon D70. I use the Elph all the time...fits in the back pocket of my jeans and takes great photos. I got the Nikon for photographing my son's baseball games. The Elph just isn't fast enough or have enough zoom.
  4. I currently have the Canon PowerShot S500 (5.0 mega pixels) and I LOVE it!!! Very user friendly! I highly highly recommend it.

    My first digital camera was the Canon Powershot 2.0 mp then I upgraded it to a Canon Powershot 3.2 mp and now this 5.0 mp one. I'm hoping I'll upgrade it to a 8.0 mp in the future. lol
  5. if you're looking for a pocket size camera, and pretty easy to use, point and shoot for everyday i have the panasonic lumix FX8 it's 5 MP and the lens is leica. all my photos that i post have been taken with that camera. you can find it for about $300.

    buy from a reputable camera store, don't do the online camera shops like broadway photo. they have horrible ratings.

  6. Is it safe to buy a camera (new) from an online ebay store? Thx Fayden!
  7. hmm i don't like ebay because they usually have horrible return policy, or all sales are final. so i would go for b&h or j&r. i think best buy has the camera also. try circuit city. i'll see if i can find a link.
  8. I was sooooooooo not in the market for a new camera but I'm loving the look of that Lumix!!
  9. Dear F, you are terrific!!!! Thx.
  10. I'm getting a Kodak V530 for Christmas....I like how easy they are to use....