Digital Camera withdrawls!

  1. LOL

    As some of you may know, my DH left Tue for business trip....

    he took my camera with him :crybaby: , I can't believe how much I miss it. I can't believe how much I use that silly thing, plus with him gone and more free time for me....and perfect opportunity to 'play' and takes some snaps for tPF...and I can't:crybaby: .

    :shame: Of course, I miss him, too...but that's a given ;)
  2. ^^ Thats really cute! lol

    I hope both your DH and your camera come back to you soon :P
  3. I feel your pain!
    My digital cam isnt operating right and wone t change modes so i can get pic's off. I dont have a card reader so i'm in a stump.
    It seems the thing can sit in a drawer for the longest time and then when something isnt working right you need it all the time. ARGH!!
  4. hahah I feel like a noob,

    I just got out my cam again after posting here. Thought i'd give it another try and see what is wrong with it. Did the same thing ARGH, well then i thought i'd follow the cable andmove it to another plug, Hahahah I guess when my son was loading his ipod with music he unplugged the camera cable and didnt plug it back in.. haha so now the cam is working.

    I feel so much better.