Different prices on same style but different print?

  1. I was just wondering if tokidoki made the same style with different prices for different prints?

    i.e. is the zucca always $xxx no matter if it is black, in vacanze, foresta print (not including reprints)
  2. if they're the same style, the price is the same no matter what the print is. retail prices are higher in hawaii though, and unfortunately that's where the reprints are going to be sold:blink:
  3. I hate how solids cost the same as prints....that's why I own no solids except my original BLACK denaro...
  4. I've seen solids go for a lot cheaper than prints on eBay, but not in stores. My Arancia BV was only $60 (but then I sold it for the same because it was too loud for me). It seems to me like Arancia and Bianco command lower prices than Notte, Fumo, or OP Black.
  5. i wish solids were cheaper than prints too. i saw a couple notte BVs for 30% off at bloomingdales, but i probably wouldn't even buy one at 75% off. i especially don't like bianco, because i probably can't keep it clean for more than a few hours. i'd rather save that money for a print i like!