Different prices on 2.55 purple reissue at NM and Saks for S/S 2008?

  1. Dear Chanel-know-it-alls:heart:
    I am a little confused now:confused1:. My SA at NM just called me and told me the metallic purple is going to be priced at USD2695(also confirms the info on"a little more info on NM" thread). However, I was at Saks this past weekend and saw the price for the same bag for USD2495, as the "pics at Saks trunk show" thread indicated. I specifically asked the SA at Saks if that is the wrong price since it seems to be prior the price increase, but she told me the bags will come out at that price:nuts:. I am pretty sure they are both referring to the 226 metallic purple, so can anyone tell me what is going on here?:shrugs:
    Thanks in advance.:heart:
  2. I would love to know too! My SA just reserved the metallic @ 2495, but not sure about the size....:shame:
  3. I'm pretty sure the $2695 price is for the medium size (formerly known as 226), and $2425 is for the small size (used to be 225), from Damian's pics, the extra small (used to be 224) will be $2250.

    Others have posted that the old 227, now called "large" will be $2850. And 228 (now extra large) will be $3450.

  4. Can anyone tell me which stores will be getting the purple metallic in the 225?

  5. Thanks ocgirl! Great to know that as i was wondering too abt the 2.55 new prices~~
  6. Thanks a lot:heart:, ocgirl! That totally makes sense :idea: You just saved my SA cuz I won't be harassing her now that I know:p
  7. You're welcome.
  8. OC Girl - I'm a total reissue newbie, can you tell me if the medium size is the same as a the medium classic?

    Thank you so much :smile:
  9. The 226 is quite a bit larger than the medium classic.
  10. thank you blushingbaby!
  11. exactly!:yes: