Different leather grain on front and back...should it bother me?

  1. While browsing at Shirise today, a Calleen Codero Marcia bag caught my eye. The leather was soft, inside lined in suede - just nice looking. But what bothered me was that the front was a very fine pebbled leather, while the back was a very large grain (not sure if that is the proper terminology). Am I wrong in thinking that when a purse is sewn together, the front and back leather should be similiar in it's grain? Please set me straight.
  2. I agree with you! I like my bags to be perfect ;)
  3. i think i would have to see it to have a full opinion but i think if it irked you enough to the point you had to post to ask, then it probably is gonna bother you too much.
  4. i used to have bags with different grain in 1 bag...
    that's what happen to my balenciagas and i think that's one of the point which made the bag more beautiful
  5. I have a bag like that. I just find it more interesting lol But if it bothers you, I wouldn't get it but I think it had more of a handmade touch.
  6. I'd pass on it. My attitude is that if you take all the trouble to make the bag in the first place, it should be done right. The skins should match. Unless it's a $10 cheapie, then I would it expect it not to match (and I still wouldn't buy it!) I bought a large leather/straw bag at a Coach outlet, and gave it to my DD. She had it on her shoulder, and I noticed that the straps didn't match - one was fine grained and smooth, and the other was large and pebbly. It looked like they should have been on two different bags. I took it back, and the SA agreed and refunded it with no problem. That kind of thing drives me crazy!
  7. It wouldn't bother me as much as if there were two obviously different types of leather on the same side, but I still think it you noticed it then it's troublesome.