Different Designers Same Names

  1. Why do different designers have the same names for their designs? I can ti\hink of at least three luxe companies that have an east-west bag, and twp that have a cabas? aren't names trademarked?
  2. I´ve been thinking about that too actually, it´s weird!
  3. I don't think they're trademarked. That would be too time consuming and costly for the companies.
  4. east-west just means the shape is longer....it shouldnt be trademarked it would like be trademarking 'bag' .... and cabas is french for basket...which alot of companies use to describe it....
  5. I agree, you couldn't really trademark a description.

    E/W means <------> a wider bag than a N/S shape.
  6. It's just a description. And east/west bag is one that's longer than it is tall, like the LV Lockit Horizontal. It refers to east and west, or side to side. A wide bag.

    I've also seen north/south used to describe bags, ones that are taller than they are wide, like the LV Lockit Vertical. :smile:
  7. I don&#180;t mean the east-west name. I was referring to the actual names, like for example Stella. Marc Jacobs has a Stella bag, (then there is of course Stella Mccartney herself), A designer named Silas Maria has a Stella bag, Charles David has one, LeSportsac has one etc.
  8. ...and then everyone seems to have a bucket bag as well (LV, Fendi etc...)
    Its just names to describe shape.
  9. Yes, but I think she meant (as well as me) the actual names of bags, not shapes names. Stella for example is not a shape name.
  10. sac-a dos, is another one that comes to mind, but I know that makes sense too....means backpack.