Different blue in Suhali????????

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  1. :confused1:Today I was in LV store to see Lockit Suhali MM in Verone & Blue.

    Very strange, I rembembered a different blue, darker...

    Somebody noticed this change, or it's only in my mind?

  2. I believe it is a different blue, the old blue was discontinued last yr.
  3. not sure if it's my monitor, but the new blue look 'greenish', more like teal to me?? I :heart: the old blue!
  4. It looks the same to me:yes:
  5. I would like to see this new blue color!
  6. I saw the new blue on the lockit. I really like it on the lockit. It is darker than the old blue. I would describe the color as a more teal than true blue.
  7. teal Suhali sounds really good. i never really liked the old blue.
  8. :graucho:Wonderful! So the new blue is darker....
    I thought exactly the contrary, that the new one was clear, but I'd prefer a darker blue...:tup:
  9. :idea:IDEA!!!:idea:
    What's about posting a picture of the new and the old blue suhali compared?