Differences between older classiques (01/02) and newer ones?

  1. I'm curious why the older bags say from 01 and 02 are in such demand, especially the classiques. Can someone give me the rundown on *why* this is the case? I know the shoulder strap is much longer but what else? The bodies tend to look squarer on the older bags too - does that mean they are bigger in size?

    Any help would be wonderful as I just want to get it straight. Thanks :nuts:
  2. There are many differences. they have flat brass rivets. The inside tags are plain leather. The tassels are only single sided. They are a little bit bigger. The buckles are square. The bale clips are large and chunky. The very original ones also came in pebbled leather and smooth leather and only in black, brown, and burgundy. They are so sought after simply because they were the first ones released and there weren't that many released. So for us die hard crazy bbag fanatics it's the ultimate collector's item. :smile: