1. Have you ever lost a drastic amount of weight? If so, how? What diet did you follow. No surgeries.

    What does your current diet contain. Tell.
  2. Sorry I know it's not dramatic.... but....

    I lost 17 lbs on the 3 hour diet...
    basically you eat a 400 calorie breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. then 3 hrs later 100 calorie snack, then 3 hours later 400 calorie lunch, then 3 hrs later 100 calrie snack, then 3 hrs later 400 calorie dinner and a 50 calorie treat (piece of chocolate)
    Here is what my typical day is like...
    6am: 8oz glass of OJ- 100 calories
    7am: oatmeal- 200 calories
    8:30-9:00 Yogurt- 100 calories
    10:00- snack- V8 or 100 calorie snack bar
    11:30-12:30- Lunch- Healthy Choice and I add another veggie serving- 350 calories

    3:00-3:30- 100 calorie snack- bar or yogurt and usually a piece of fruit or raw veggies

    6:30- 400 calorie dinner- usually chicken breast or pork with tons of vegetables and very little starch

    I usually never eat my sweet treat-I'm not really a sweet eater
    Then I try and work out 30-45 minutes on the treadmill- fast walk 3-4 times a week

    Took me 5 months- but wow do I feel good and I'm eating & feeling so much better and don't crave ucky things! I noticed most of my weight loss in my stomach (inches)
  3. My ticker says it all. 183 pounds lost as of today. It has taken me approximately 1 year and 4 months. I lost the weight by following Richard Simmon's FoodMover program. The program is pretty much common sense eating and lifestlyle changes. It's based on the same food exchanges that diabetics use. Depending on your current weight, you get a certain calorie amount to eat. For example, I am eating 1400 calories a day. Those calories are broken up into starches, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fats. I get 5 starches, 5 proteins, 3 fruits, 5 vegetables, and 3 fats. A half cup of cooked pasta counts as one starch. If eat a cup of spaghetti, I would close two of my starch windows. Once all of your windows are closed, you're done eating for the day. It's very similar to Weight Watcher's points except it balances out the food groups more. It's really not as complex as it sounds. The other parts of the program involve drinking plenty of water, exercising, and taking a multivitamin. There are also motivational affirmations that you recite each day. You feel silly at first, but they really make a difference in you overall attitude, I think. If you're interested, I suggest you check out Richard's website. This program is especially good for those who have huge amounts of weight to lose. Most of the people who do it are looking to lose more than 50 pounds. Visit Richard's website!
  4. angefento, that's good to hear. i like it when i see people with lots of discipline. it motivates me

    ArmyCandyLuvr, wow. i'm not quite looking to loose weight as much as i'm looking to maintain my weight. but i have a friend who needs to loose weight i'm going to recommend that diet for her. thank you.
    on a totally different subject, your avatar is so cute, i loved Yuki on gravitation :biggrin:
  5. PLAN PLAN PLAN! that's my motto!

    i have a plan for EVERY SINGLE day, even after i have no more weight to lose (im 25 and i've lost over 50lbs since the end of high school. i was an athlete but never thin+gained weight when i slowed down the sports, so i had the extra and then some to lose).

    pick a calorie range for weight loss. i'd say something like 1500 and under, but no less than 1200. then, start picking foods you LIKE, but count calories, and spread them out through your day and make sure you dont go over your range. you will quickly see that picking healthy and lower fat foods will allow you to eat WAY more food and stay in that range.

    secondly, always PLAN what you will eat the next day. never wake up going hmmm what will i eat today? youve got to KNOW and have it ON HAND. be prepared! never start a day or go into a mealtime when you're hungry and DONT HAVE A PLAN! that's gonna screw you, big time. you'll be reaching for the chips in 0.2335 seconds flat! have all your staples on hand and prepared food made for the week, etc. i dont know if everyone can handle this, but for me, eating the exact same thing everyday for weeks at a time works like magic. but i dont have a problem with picky eating or getting sick of anything- variety or no variety, healthy or unhealthy, ill eat it if its food, lol! (probably why i was overweight to begin with!)

    lastly, spread out your calories in an even way over your day, the way YOU need to. dont feel like you need to follow a plan that worked for someone else, its not necessarily the best one for you. if you like to eat a bigger breakfast, or youd rather eat a bigger snack after dinner/before bed, plan it around that. whatever YOUR preferences are. contrary to popular belief, your body DOES NOT care WHEN you get your calories, its the AMOUNT that matters. so if you havent met your calories needs for the day and it's 10pm and youre about to go to bed, and youre hungry- eat a little something! it WONT make you gain weight simply because it's after 7pm or whatever. the point here is- if you tailor your plan the way YOU are comfortable, then you'll stick with it!

    staples i always have to create meals for my days are- whole wheat toast, light cottage cheese/yogurt/sliced cheese/fatfree milk, chicken and turkey (cutlets, sausages, coldcuts, etc), fatfree sugar free pudding mixes, fruit, fresh veggies, laughing cow cheese, salmon burgers, luna bars/lowfat granola bars, instant oatmeal packets, rice cakes, protein bars....

    the list goes on and on. shop around and take a look what you like, you know what's healthy and relatively low cal!
  6. ^ great ideas everyone.. i too need to lose about 50pounds. am soo depressed about it too
  7. i know you are dear, i know how ya feel :sad:

    and as cheesey and trite as it might sound, trying to think positively about yourself AS YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW is the only way to change yourself. ppl say that all the time and it sounds like a cliche,but its true. youve gotta think of yourself, the way you are and things you accomplish DAILY in as positive manner as possible. even when you start on your weight loss journey, it'll be a while before you reach your destination, and you've gotta be able to have a smile on your face along the way! just think- im this way right now, im not at my best, but i AM doing something about it and ill get there eventually! every day you work towards your goal is a good day and a reason to smile;):yahoo:
  8. The boring watch what you eat and exercise. I know it is so hard. I have been everything from a size 4 to a tight 16. I average in between. It is so hard. I LOVE CHOC!!!!!
  9. Also make sure to always read the nutrition labels. It seems like when I eat out more than once or twice a month I start to gain weight. At home I use no butter. And no oil if possible. Have you tried reading the Weight Watchers public boards? There are some great ideas over there. I used to be addicted to that board a few years ago.
  10. Tried Weight Watchers and lost about 17 lbs., but that was all. Got frustrated. Went to a nutrionist who taught me how to eat correctly. That was a few years ago. Lost another 17- 28 lbs. and have never gained it back. I needed to know the "rules" of eating right. Best thing I ever did for myself.
  11. Also pack a healthy lunch. Where I work now my boss would take me out to lunch almost everyday. I noticed I started gaining weight. And I was SUPER careful on what I eat. I would usually eat a dry grilled chicken sandwich and fruit or a salad with diet dressing. I found I was still gaining weight. I started bringing my boring healthy lunch and I lost a few pounds. It is hard passing up a good free lunch out every day. But I have to if I don't want to gain back what I worked so hard to lose.
  12. hm, I just wrote a long post about this in another thread:

    I have lost weight in unhealthy ways so I am not going into this one - but let me tell you, it doesnt work.

    about 3 years ago I met my husband and decided to lose unnecessary weight - from then to now about 10 kg (dont know in pound). I also lost the weight after having the baby quite quickly but didn't do anything for it (nursing helped there) - for me this worked/works: watch intake but I couldnt plan very excessively, just not for me. I would eat a small plate of whatever we were having - no junk food, always home cooked, no low fat low calorie stuff (just not good for you). I am eating positively if you get what I mean - I enjoy what I eat, not I count the calorie I am eating. I don't think I can't have, I think I can have..... and once you start with all the great variety of healthy food you find you don't care about other stuff anyway. I have breakfast now which is also good. oh, and I don't eat huge amounts in the evening (no starving either though). this helped to lose and now it helps to maintain - obviously you can up the calorie amount a bit to 1500/1800.

    also, I changed my exercise regime - no more gym, I just got bigger from that - really weird. pilates, ballet and lots of walking around are best for me. it's like the more stress my body has the more it gets fat (I am a huge stresser so I think this is why it keeps any calories it can get then - I have stopped stressing about everything). oups another long post, hope this helps - I manage to maintain my size 6 and I hope will do so in future - no more huge weight gains (unless pregnant of course), this is the best I think.
  13. hi i chew my food many times before i swollow. the number of chews ranges from 25 - 75 depending on the food. i know it sounds crazy but i really think it helps :yes:

    also no skin, lean meat, more fruits and vegetables. usually my food are stir fry or steam :rolleyes:
  14. I lost 15lbs when I was sick and stayed at the hospital.. hospital foods suck!!