Didn't think I'd ever buy anymore Hermes...but...

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  1. I'm not a collector. I'm also almost 76 years old and have some pretty significant mobility issues due to my chronic pulmonary disease. I have nearly no social life - I go to doctor's appointments, pulmonary rehab and the grocery store. That's pretty much it! I own two Kelly's, 1 PM Picotin and a couple of Lederer posorous croc vintage bags for church (when I go which is not often). I rarely wear a scarf anymore. I use my silk/cashmere shawls when I go out to dinner, which is rarely. So why on earth would I need anymore Hermes?

    When I had to go on supplementary oxygen a bit over 2 years ago, I used a shoulder strap for my portable unit. When winter came and a coat/jacket, it slipped off my shoulder and was a major nuisance. So, I made my own "handle" and carried it in my hand.

    After doing this for a year, as my breathing got worse, it got harder to carry the oxygen and my Kelly in the same hand and I needed a free hand for doors etc.

    So last fall, I broke down and put away my 2 Kelly's (I only used the Chartreuse Picotin PM in the summer/early fall) and bought a Longchamps Le Pilage bag. I bought the smallest size but it was too roomy as I keep what I carry to a bare minimum due to weight. I carried it on my shoulder and hand-carried my oxygen.

    This May, I had to get a new portable oxygen as I needed 4-5 liters instead of the 3-max my present machine provided. So,, $3600 later (no Medicare does NOT cover it!), I had a new unit. It's about 2 lbs heavier than the previous one but it does have a far better shoulder strap - padded and more ergonomic.

    So, now I carry my oxygen on my shoulder. I've been using my Picotin all summer but with fall approaching, I wondered how this was going to work. Le Pilage was going to be a problem - can't have both on my shoulder and it's too big to comfortably hand-carry.

    I really didn't want to turn my precious Chartreuse Clemence Picotin into my daily bag. I'll never again find one in that color, I bought it in Paris and it's just very special to me. So what to do! I don't particularly like the newer version of the Picotin with the lock and it's way more expensive than the old style (which is what my Chartreuse is). So, I went "shopping" on eBay and low and behold, "to what did my wondering eyes appear" but a VERY dark brown Picotin with green handles (on the inside and also on piping around the bottom). The description said "brown" but the pictures said "black" on the outside, but the inner side of the leather did appear to be brown. It was advertised as "New, no tags". It included a dust bag and box. I could not tell from the photos if the green inside the handles was Chartreuse or Vert Anis.

    So I emailed the seller and asked. She said it was a very dark brown and she was to familiar with Hermes colors so she didn't know the name or what green it was. That made me nervous. I decided to try eBay's new paid authentication service and paid them $20 to authenticate the bag. They do it in a 48 hour turn-around or sooner for more money. I decided to take my chances. Results? "Likely genuine". "Likely"? What the heck did that mean? I thought it "likely" was, too, but I'm not an authenticator. I wrote them back and asked about this - no reply. Hmmm..

    It had a Buy It Now Price or Best Offer. I decided to take a flyer on this and put in an offer. Guess it should have been lower as it was immediately accepted! The bag arrived today and I looked at it carefully next to my own, it appears to be identical. It's very hard to read the stamping on either bag and I bought mine in the FSH store so I know MINE is genuine! I can't tell if it's Cocoan or Ebene and the inside of the handles is Chartreuse. Hooray! My two favorite colors for my everyday, very neutral winter wardrobe! It's Clemence, the box is the right shape/size, had the leather info in an envelope in the box.

    I think this is going to be a very good everyday handbag for me this winter. I will occasionally try to carry one of my Kelly's - not ready to turn them over to DD just yet. I think 2 Kelly's (both very special) and 2 Picotin's will be a nice inheritance for her someday, no?

    So, never say never. Circumstances change and mine did. I can use the Le Pilage to put my Picotin in if I ever again fly - can stick in other things as well.

    As much as I love my Kelly's and have since I first say the bag in the early 1960's in NYC, I think the Picotin PM is just about the cutest little bag I've ever seen. It holds an amazing amount and it easy to find anything in it. I'm happy!
  2. That’s soooo awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your story! I LOVE how you can be practical and fashionable at the same time!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. Your story is awesome. Your bag sounds awesome. But most importantly you are awesome.

    Thank you again for sharing this! I feel like I should say more to let you just how great I found your story to be but I can't seem to even find the right words right now. Just...thanks and rock your new bag! :smile:
  4. Congrats India on your new picotin!! I am happy to hear you have found a bag that works with your currents needs:flowers:

    Any chance of a pic?:P
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  5. +1
  6. Congratulations on finding a truly unique picotin. Chartreuse is an incredible color. I hope Hermes brings it back one day.
  7. Congrats on finding a wonderful Pitcoin that not only comes in a lovely color but also suits your everyday needs. That's truly amazing!
  8. Thank you for sharing your story. Such a great find. Enjoy your purchase!
  9. So happy for you!!! Pics of your new bag, please. :hbeat:
  10. Congratulations on your new Picotin, it sounds beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story - wonderful storytelling. I am glad you found a bag that fits your aesthetic and your needs perfectly!
  11. Your new Picotin sounds perfect.:heart: Congrats and thank you for sharing your story. :flowers:
  12. @India so glad to “see” you here!!! And congratulations is in order. :woohoo: enjoy your pm Picotin, and I hope your health will improve soon! :flowers:
  13. Nice to see you back, congrats on a wonderful find and please do take care of yourself. :heart:
  14. What a great find, congrats!
    Wishing you better health xoxo
  15. What a Hermès story, I really enjoyed reading it! Love happy endings but most of all I enjoyed reading a post from someone who has carried Hermès bags for decades, still do and I was thinking how it would be to live in the 60’s and seeing a Kelly in NYC, buying the dreambag at some point and loving it. I’m so happy you found the second picotin to enjoy while carrying your oxygen on the shoulder. I wish you better health and hope your life is comfortable despite illness. I have one picotin pm too, love it and it’s a very comfortable relaxed bag.
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