Didn't they maek a Papillion 19????

  1. I was just wondering if Louis Vuitton ever made a Papillion 19 because that size sounds good for me, cause I'm short! THANKS! :shame:
  2. They had a mini Papillon which was discontinued I think. Not really sure.
  3. That style is discontinued...but you may be able to find some on eBay or let-trade.com.
  4. eBay. but get it authenticated!
  5. yea they did. the pap 19 is TINY though, the pap 26 is too big for you?
  6. i dunno....i was just thinknig about the smallest one, cause i am short! (4ft 5-6 inches)
  7. I've attached a picture of a bedford, which is the size of a pap 30, a pap 26 and 19.
  8. how much was the 19 in stores?
  9. it was $455 when i bought it about 1.5 yrs ago..
  10. i have it. i bought it at the 57th street store when it first came out in 2004. i paid $419 for it.


    there's my little guy at the bottom ;) it was the second bag i ever bought by LV :biggrin:
  11. I don't think the 26 would be too big for you!
  12. I saw one at the SF LV last summer :shrugs:
  13. it's really small though..i sold it a couple of weeks ago!
  14. yes it's discontinued but VERY small and Papillon 26 is PERFECT!!!
  15. i looooooove mine. i got mine when i was 19 and always carried small bags. i have much bigger bags than that now and usually i carry like three things in them. lol small bags are best for me and i think this one would be the perfect size for you :biggrin: