Didn't buy anything but still had a good day at LV today!

Feb 8, 2006
I went to Saks today and peeked in the boutique, my SA was working, so I went in to say hi and to ask about the Damier Speedy and heat stamping.

She noticed me right away and came up to me. She always has a big smile, she is sooo sweet! Well I asked her about the Damier speedy and she looked it up in the computer. It said $700 for a 25 and $720 for a 30. She also said the launch date as it is in the computer right now (which it could always change if LV corporate decides she reminded me) was the first week of June. Which is perfect bc my dbay is June 3rd!

Also... as I was asking her about the silver speedy, no info yet btw, I remembered how I had questioned whether or not she was tracking my last purchase since I paid in cash. So I just asked her "oh, do you track purchases, bc last time I paid in cash and wasn't sure." She smiled and said "I know your name honey, of course I added it to your customer profile." I thought that was so sweet.

She then said that reminds me, let me get something for you. She went to the back and brought out an LV bag, in it was the current catalog, nice touch. Then she told me to be sure and call her if I decided I wanted the Damier speedy, I told her I would. Then she said "enjoy your catalog." A lady that was at the counter, (and being nosy the entire time I might add) said "How do I get one of those?" and my SA, as I was walking off, said, “You can order it through 866 vuitton. They're around $10," she was being really nice, and the lady said "Well she just got one for free," and my SA said "Yes, but she’s a VIP". OMG!! I know it's so silly but I floated out of there, even my boyfriend was smiling. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I mean I know I'll never be a real VIP with LV, but that made me feel so good!!!!


I made it!
Jan 3, 2006
That would make me float too! I love when SA's are sweet like the one you described. They make me feel like I'm worth something, but more importantly I suppose, it makes me feel that they love what they do. That's just me though.
Jan 25, 2006
great story! i should go and get a catalog too...but then it would just give me ideas on getting more bags! i'm itching to go and get the minna street, things just keep coming up and now i think i may want the speedy in damier more!
Feb 8, 2006
Keepall_boy said:
I'm surprised you could go to Louis Vuitton and not buy anything! Just looking sucks, because when you leave, you can't stop thinking about whatever you wanted until you go back and buy it.

Yea, I'm still thinking of all the pretty stuff in there!! But my boyfriend was with me, and he just complains if I buy something, so I usually buy something when I'm alone, I love it that way, he doesn't even ask about the prices anymore! HAHA!!! But he said he might give me 1/2 the money for the speedy for my bday, so I wanted him to hear the price. :lol:


Feb 1, 2006
Thanks for the update on the Damier Speedy's! $700...whoa but I can swing it. I just wish it was closer to the Mono price. Im not quite sure what would make it a higher price point? What did your SA say about heat stamping...?

Congrats on the V.I.P. You ROCK!